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Power Sprayer™ System

Cleaning the showers and tubs has never been easier.

Maximize your property’s showerheads and convert them for double duty. A one-time installation of the compact Rinse Ace® Connector on each showerhead allows your housekeepers to snap on a hose to rinse away dirt and cleaning products – fast, while using less water. Your guests won’t know it’s even there. Use the Calculator to determine the labor and water savings of just one minute per room at your property.

  • Install in each guest room the compact Rinse Ace® Connector one time between the shower arm and the existing showerhead. Connector does not change the performance of the showerhead.
  • Supply each housekeeping cart with 6’ hose with sprayer.
  • When hose is connected, water only flows when the sprayer lever is pressed, which allows the housekeeper to conserve water.
  • Powerful sprayer and 6’ hose length allows the housekeeper to stand outside the tub to thoroughly rinse without straining their back.
  • When shower cleaning is complete, the hose is detached and taken to the next room on the housekeeping cart.
  • Shower Connectors and hoses are sold separately in custom order quantity.
  • Chrome PlasticChrome Plastic
  • White PlasticWhite Plastic
  • Polished Brass PlasticPolished Brass Plastic
  • Polished Brass FinishPolished Brass
  • Satin Nickel MetalSatin Nickel Metal
  • Chrome MetalChrome Metal
  • Installation Photo
    Remove showerhead
  • Installation Photo
    Twist on shower connector
  • Installation Photo
    Reattach showerhead
  • Installation Photo
    Shower head
    operates normally when hose is not connected
  • Installation Photo
    Connecting hose
    shuts off flow to showerhead
  • Installation Photo
    Water flows only
    when sprayer lever is pressed

Once the Rinse Ace® Shower Connector is installed, the housekeeper simply connects the hose to it to thoroughly rinse away dirt and cleaning chemicals fast. The 6’ hose allows the housekeeper to stand outside the tub and easily rinse the entire shower without getting wet. Since water flows only when the sprayer lever is pressed, water is conserved. The hose quickly detaches and is taken to the next room on the housekeeping cart.

  1. How do I contact Commercial Assistance?

    View our Contact Page.
  2. What is the minimum order size?

    You custom order for your property. Order one RINSE ACE® Shower Connector for each guest room shower and order one RINSE ACE® 6 foot hose with sprayer for each housekeeping cart.
  3. Are other hose lengths available?

    A six foot hose is standard, however, other lengths can be produced by special order. Please call 1-800-867-4673 (or 262-703-0011) to inquire.
  4. What is the cost of the product?

    Contact us for a quote or select the Distributors link to find a preferred distributor to contact.