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Add a removable hand held showerhead hose.

Simply snap the removable showerhead 6' hose into your Rinse Ace® Brand shower head.  The quick-connect  shower hose snaps to the center of the showerhead for ultimate convenience. No more permanent bulky handheld showerhead hose hanging in the shower! Choices include drenching Rainfall, 4-Setting Showerheads or showerheads for kids.

Like to keep your showerhead?
Simply add a Rinse Ace Shower Connector to your existing fixed showerhead. This simple connection for a snap in showerhead hose adds the convenience of the handheld showerhead hose without the clutter of a permanent hose.

Rinse Ace Bath Safety products are affordable and easy to use. The Rinse Ace Assisted Bather™ is great for bathing elderly, an injured partner or child and more. Especially great to assist with bathing at home in injury or surgery recovery. No permanent hose installation, easy and simple to install. When the recovery is complete continue using for shower cleaning and more. Add a Bath Assist Mat™ for sure footedness and a Bath Assist Bar™ to help someone in and out of the shower.

Need replacement parts?

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What sets this showerhead apart from others is that it has a 6 foot hose and sprayer that you plug into it only when you need it. The hose is great for rinsing the kid’s hair and for cleaning the shower. I don't have a dog but it would be good for that too. Like I said earlier, why wouldn't you want a detachable hose with your showerhead for the same price?

(Smith A, Thiensville, WI)