At the time, John came up with the idea for the RINSE ACE® diverter valve (now the integral component of the POWER SPRAYER", Pet Shower Deluxe and MY OWN SHOWER® products), he asked himself "What would prevent a showerhead manufacturer from taking the idea of a quick-connect, detachable hose and connect it to a showerhead instead of my valve?" He knew the answer, so he asked the patent attorney to include a showerhead along with the diverter valve in his patent application. Over 8 years later, RINSE ACE 2-in-1 Showerhead" is a reality. If you want to replace your showerhead, 2-in-1 Showerhead is the ultimate in versatility! You get a great shower and you get the flexibility of a detachable hose to rinse the shower walls when cleaning, bathing the family pet, rinsing a childs hair and more. Now theres no need for a permanent, ugly handheld shower hose to clutter your shower!