Power Sprayer


Power Sprayer
The easy way to rinse your shower clean!
  • Hand-Held Showerhead thoroughly rinses away dirt, soap, and cleaning product fast!
  • Compact Hand-Held Showerhead diverter valve installs one time between standard shower arm and showerhead.

  • "Quick connect" 6' detachable hose with sprayer plugs in only when needed.
  • Complete water shut-off to showerhead when hose is attached.
  • Water flows only when sprayer lever is pressed to save water and keep you dry.
  • Unlimited uses & rinsing tub and shower, bathing children, washing mini blinds, bathing pets, watering plants.
  • Valves available in white, chrome, and polished brass finishes to match your fixtures.

POWER SPRAYER" for the ultimate in versatility& without the clutter of a permanent hose!

Approximate Retail: $19.95

U.S. Patent 5,624,073. International Patents.

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Want to know how POWER SPRAYER" was invented?

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