The first fun, SAFE showerhead for kids!
  • Patented scald technology built into showerhead. Tamper-resistant design makes manual bypass impossible. When the remarkable anti-scald protection feature senses dangerous scalding water, flow automatically reduces to a trickle. Normal flow resumes only after water returns to a safe temperature.
  • Install diverter valve just one time between standard shower arm and showerhead.
  • Plug in and place MY OWN SHOWER® at child's height using the included suction cup.
  • Smaller, gentle spray is perfect for any child's size.
  • Detach MY OWN SHOWER® and the "adult" showerhead operates normally.
  • Valves available in white, chrome, and polished brass finishes.

Approximate Retail: $29.95

U.S. Patent 5,624,073 and 5,397,053

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Want to know how MY OWN SHOWER® was born?


Make showering more fun!
  • Interchangeable characters easily snap on and off for more showering variety.

Approximate Retail: $5.95

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