Washing your pet has never been easier inside or outdoors!
  • Indoor/Outdoor Pet Sprayer connects to your faucet, spigot, or garden hose.
  • Eight-foot detachable hose with sprayer.
  • Use the quick-connect adapter to attach hose to faucets, or just twist the hose onto the spigot or garden hose.
  • Complete water shutoff to faucet when hose is attached.
  • Water flows only when sprayer lever is pressed to save water.
  • High quality design and construction GUARANTEES no "blow offs."

Approximate Retail: $29.95

See locator for availability, or to order, see order form.



Catch pet hair before it goes down the drain!
  • Self-sealing, flexible base fits most sink, shower, and tub drains.
  • Raised screen fits pop-up stoppers.
  • Natural suction of drain holds Pet Hair-Snare in place.

Approximate Retail: $2.45

To order, see order form.

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