Bathing Tethers

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Bathing Tethers, keep you hands free!

Rinse Ace® Pet Bathing Tethers

Why wrestle with your dog at bath time? Rinse Ace® Bathing Tethers hold your dog comfortably in place while keeping your hands free. The durable nylon straps can be easily adjusted to accommodate pets, showers and tubs of practically any size. Just place the powerful suction cups on opposite surfaces, connect the straps to your pet's collar, and you're ready to bathe!


  • Keep your hands free! Hold your pet in place at bath time!
  • 2 tethers let you cross tie to minimize a pet's movement
  • Strong suction cups resist tugging
  • Adjustable straps fit any size pet, shower and tub
  • Each tether adjusts from 15" to 24"
  • No assembly required - ready to use!

Look for the Rinse Ace® Bathing Tethers at your favorite pet store near the dog shampoos.