Pet Hair Snare

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Pet Hair-Snare helps prevent clogged drains while bathing your pet. Keeps hair out of the drain for easy clean up.

Rinse Ace® Pet Hair-Snare

Rinse Ace® Pet Hair-Snare is great for everyday use to help prevent clogged drains by keeping hair out of the drain. The self-sealing, flexible base fits most sink, shower and tub drains. Plus, to accommodate most pop-up stoppers, it features a raised center screen.

Use the Hair-Snare together with a tub bathing mat to protect the tub from nail scratches and your drains from hair clogging.


  • Helps prevent clogged drains!
  • Fits sink, shower or tub drains
  • Catches hair before it enters the drain
  • Features a raised center screen to accommodate most pop-up stoppers
  • Natural suction of drain holds Pet Hair-Snare in place
  • Made in USA

Look for the Rinse Ace® Pet Hair Snare at your favorite pet store near the dog shampoos.