8' Faucet Hose & On/Off Sprayer

Commercial 8' Faucet Hose with On/Off Sprayer

Rinse Ace® Commercial 8' Faucet Hose with On/Off Sprayer

Commercial 8' hose with on/off sprayer for use with the Commercial Faucet Aerator (item # 5061 sold separately). Available exclusively from American Hotel register.


  • Available exclusively from American Hotel Register.
  • Place on housekeeping cart to move from room-to-room.
  • Connect to faucet aerator (item # 5061 sold separately).

Testimonial Feb 5, 2013

The Inn On Long Lake has recently purchased the "Quick Connect & Detach" aerators and hoses for use by our Housekeeping Department. We have installed the aerators in every room, which is a very simply process, and the aerators are very unobtrusive. We have provided one Quick Connect hose and sprayer on each Housekeeping cart. The hoses on the sprayers are more than adequate in length to fully reach our bathtubs. They provide a surprising powerful spray as well.

The Housekeepers now have an easy and effective way to fully rinse tubs at their fingertips. They do not necessarily use the hose and sprayer every day, but have it immediately available for those days when the bathtubs need a little extra scrubbing and cleaning. Now they are able to use the needed cleaners, and properly rinse it out with the spray hose. Previously they had relied on the "cup and splash" technique, which in those situations often left powdery or gritty residue behind on the improperly rinsed tub surfaces. They can now easily clip on the hose and use the powerful spray to remove all residues quickly and easily. It enables the housekeepers to do thier jobs better, and helps to maintain our standards of cleanliness, and actually reduces the cleaning times. The idea of "Work smarter, not harder" applies to this product.

I have actually purchased one for my home use as well. I find it very useful even at home to rinse my oversized shower stall, instead of struggling in vain to swivel the shower head to rinse all areas.

I would recommend this to any hotel or motel as a very useful tool for their housekeeping department.

James Young- General Manager