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2-in-1 Showerhead® System

2 in 1 Convertible Shower Head

There’s more than one way to use a shower head.

No other shower head can combine an invigorating shower experience with exclusive technology that allows you to “quick-connect” a detachable 6’ hose anytime. No permanent hose to clutter your shower yet the ultimate convenience to clean your shower, bathe your dog, rinse your child’s hair and more.

Rinse Ace® 2-in-1 Convertible Shower head® System includes the showerhead of your choice and a 6' hose with on/off sprayer.  Rinse Ace® Brand shower heads are also sold separately for additional bathrooms because you can move the 6' detachable hose from bathroom to bathroom.

Capri™ Shower head

  • 3 ½” diameter spray face
  • Single setting, 40 jets shower head
  • Available in White, Chrome, Polished Brass, Satin Nickel finishes

Rainfall Shower head

  • 6” diameter spray face
  • Single setting, 75 jets shower head
  • Available in Chrome and Satin Nickel finishes

Tahoe™ Shower head

  • 5” diameter spray face
  • Four setting, 84 jets shower head
  • PAUSE mode to save water
  • FULL body coverage for a drenching, soothing shower
  • MASSAGING mode concentrates flow to sooth sore neck and shoulders
  • COMBINATION mode flows at full coverage with massaging
  • Available in White, Chrome and Satin Nickel finishes

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$19.95 - $44.95

  • Quick-connect the 6’ flexible hose with sprayer only when you need it.
  • Use the hose to rinse your tub and shower, bathe children and pets, rinse legs when shaving, clean mini blinds, water plants … the list goes on.
  • When hose is connected, water only flows when the sprayer lever is pressed, which allows you to conserve water and helps you stay dry.
  • When you’re done, detach the hose and store it for a clutter-free shower.

Capri™ - 40 jets, single setting

  • White Capri Shower HeadWhite Capri Shower Head Online & Retail
  • Brass Capri Shower HeadBrass Capri Shower Head Online
  • Chrome Capri Shower HeadChrome Capri Shower Head Online
  • Chrome and Gray Capri Shower HeadChrome and Gray Capri Shower Head Online & Retail
  • Satin Nickel Capri Shower HeadSatin Nickel Capri Shower Head Online

Rainfall - 75 jets, single setting

  • Chrome Rainfall Shower HeadChrome Rainfall Shower Head Online & Retail
  • Satin Nickel Rainfall Shower HeadSatin Nickel Rainfall Shower Head Online

Tahoe™ - 84 jets, four settings

  • White Tahoe Shower Head
    White Tahoe Shower Head 
  • Chrome Tahoe Shower Head
    Chrome Tahoe Shower Head 
  • Satin Nickel Tahoe Shower Head
    Satin Nickel Tahoe Shower Head 
  • First Remove Existing Shower Head
    Remove existing shower head.
  • Twist on New Shower Head
    Twist on new shower head.
  • Shower Head Operates Normally
    Showerhead operates normally when shower hose is not connected.
  • Attach Hose Sprayer
    Quick-connect 6’
    pet hose with sprayer
    only when needed.
  • Shower Hose Attached
    Water does not flow from showerhead when hose sprayer is attached. Water flows only when sprayer lever is pressed.
  1. How do I contact Customer Service?

    View our Contact Page.
  2. Is there a warranty on RINSE ACE® 2-in-1 Showerhead® System?

    Yes, there is a one year warranty. We warrant our products shall be free of defects in assembly under normal use when properly installed and maintained. If the product should become defective, we will repair it or elect to replace it free of charge. To obtain warranty service, please call 1-800-867-4673 (262-703-0011) or email [email protected] You may be instructed to return defective product, postage prepaid, along with dated proof of purchase, to Idea Factory, Inc., N56 W16865 Ridgewood Dr., Menomonee Falls, WI 53051. Include a return address inside the package. You may also include an email address inside the package so we can notify you that your package has been received and returned. Please allow 2 weeks for the return of your product.
  3. Will the RINSE ACE® 2-in-1 Showerhead be affected by water conditions?

    If you experience calcium deposits or hard water buildup with your current showerhead, your RINSE ACE® 2-in-1 Showerhead will too. There are easy preventative measures to extend the life of your RINSE ACE 2-in-1 Showerhead. Simply wipe the sprayface on a regular basis with a sponge dipped in vinegar to dislodge minerals from hard water and to prevent buildup.
  4. Can I purchase the showerhead only for a second shower?

    Yes, you can use the sprayer hose from your 2-in-1 Showerhead® System and use it in an additional shower by purchasing the "showerhead only."
  5. Do I have to detach the hose after each use?

    No, but it is recommended. If you don't detach the hose, water does not flow to the showerhead.
  6. How long is the hose?

    Six feet ... and you will be satisfied that the power of the sprayer and the length of the hose will allow you to stand outside the tub & shower to rinse away dirt and suds quickly from surfaces while staying dry as well as to rinse the underside of the family pet or the head of a young child.
  7. Can I get a different hose length?

    Yes. Please call 1-800-867-4673 or 262-703-0011 to order a custom hose length.