• Install the RINSE ACE® Bidet valve one-time on any toilet witha 3/8 inch shut-off valve with flexible water supply line.

    Bidet Installation

  • Four foot hose with sprayer "quick-connects" to RINSE ACE® Bidet valve. Bidet hose may stay permanently attached or disconnect for discreet storage after use. Water will flow from the sprayer when the handle is pressed. The flow control at the base of the sprayer permits light to full spray.
  • Patient/resident will appreciate the refreshing cleansing.
  • Caregiver will appreciate the bidet ease of use and time savings.
  • Bidet is available as a complete set with chrome finish metal valve, 4' white hose, white sprayer and white suction cup hanging bracket.

Bidet U.S. Patent Pending

See QUOTE for a no-obligation estimate.

Want to know how RINSE ACE® Bidet was invented?

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