Baby & Toddler Bathing

Baby Bathing made easy. Bathe and rinse baby with clean, warm water. Faucet or shower connect our Baby Rinsers for a fun bath time just for the two of you. Bathing a newborn baby in the sink is possible with the Rinse Ace Sink Baby Rinser.Replace your current aerator on the faucet with our patented aerator, now you have a permanent quick connect for the removable 3’ hose with sprayer ready for baby bathing time.

When baby grows and baby bath time means a move to the bath tub, Rinse Ace Tub & Shower Baby & Toddler Rinser is the solution. The patented shower connector installs one time on your showerhead then the extra-long hose with sprayer quick-connects only at bath time. This is a safer option than a permanent hand held shower in homes with toddlers. Say goodbye to rinse cups and tears as the variable flow sprayer allows for gentle hair rinsing with clean water.

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Easy to install, easy to use, a must have for anyone with children! My oldest child just turned 5 (my second oldest is 3 1/2) and I wish I had this product all along. I was missing out using a pitcher to pour water over their heads. This product is fantastic. I installed it myself - it was easy, the quick release for storage is really handy so you don't have to have it in the shower if you're having guests or just want to put it away when not in use. I can't say enough good things about it. If you're thinking of buying one, don't think, just BUY!

Momof3inCA - Dec 6, 2011