Pet Shower Deluxe


Pet Shower Deluxe
Washing your pet has never been easier! 
  • Pet Shower Deluxe connects to your showerhead.
  • With Pet Shower Deluxe there are no more messy cups and buckets. No more wasted water. And no more flimsy hoses that blow off the faucet. Now shampoo rinses away fast.
  • Pet Shower Deluxe compact diverter valve installs one time between standard shower arm and showerhead.

  • "Quick-connect" 8' detachable hose with sprayer plugs in only when needed.
  • Complete water shutoff to showerhead when hose is attached.
  • Water flows only when sprayer lever is pressed to save water and keep you dry!
  • High quality design and construction GUARANTEES no "blow-offs."
  • Valves available in white, chrome, and polished brass finishes to match your fixtures.

Approximate Retail: $29.95

U.S. Patent 5,624,073. International Patents.

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Want to know how RINSE ACE® Pet Shower Deluxe came to be?

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